Friday, September 4, 2009

Cat Commando: Buster

I am posting nothing but fun and cute stories this week. Harsh realities be damned! Too much sadness last week and stress. So back by popular demand, prepare yourself for some cat updates interspersed with some happy plant reports.

BUSTER - Commando Skipper and Surrogate Dad.

Buster retained a bit of the wild after his traveling adventures of July through September 2007. He has this look when he eats, like a savage cat devouring his freshly killed prey. He has taken quite a liking to human food. If I don't offer him a taste from my plate, he cries and gets his feelings hurt. Yesterday he was grinding on Pork Chops Wodarski: spuds, gravy, the works, like it was old home week. He even likes spicy food I heat up with an habanero chile or two.

Buster is usually on a mission. What his daytime mission is I'll never know, since he spends most of the time on THE OTHER SIDE. Here he is heading for the cat corner in the farthest living room to see if any catnip has miraculously appeared. When he gets there he'll be content just having a bath and playing with any of the other kitties who come to see him. Later he will come lie next to me on the floor, but he still doesn't like to get up in the hammock.

Buster still spooks easily. He has calmed down considerably since his triple traumas: his best friend Jim's disappearance, the two 7.0 earthquakes that shook our world, and the long painful trip from Hawaii to Mérida, including his two months as a street cat. This is his "I'm not too certain if I trust this situation!" face. Thankfully he doesn't always run away after he gets this look, but instead he enjoys a good brushing and some tasty treats.
Buster is a mature cat, but he doesn't act old at all. He likes to romp and play with the others, and he still lives for outdoor adventure. Buster sends his aloha to all his old friends.

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