Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cat Commando: Moka

I went back and read the 27 entries I have posted on the cats. Excessive, I know. So if you prefer, just skip the story and peruse the photos. Maybe I am preparing myself to enter an article or pics to Cat Fancy or something, who knows? This is my inspiration, that's all. These usually bring a smile.

Moka is on a routine inspection in the kitchen. "This area could use some straightening up!"

She is very protective of her family, still ever the inspectress, investigator, and security guard. She is often with Sak Boox hanging out or cuddled up in a corner somewhere. There is no doubt Sak Boox is her favorite. She still loves her her kids and Buster, and has gotten used to Weasel.

These two are almost as ALIKE as they look. Can I call Sak Boox a Siamese cat even though she is black and white? What's more she looks like so many other local cats. Theresa's cat could be her twin. She sure has Siamese personality traits!

This is one of the tender moments they enjoy daily.

And THIS is proof that Moka is still letting Sak Boox suckle! The others were cut off many moons ago.

Moka still likes to sleep in Pablo's clothes, and enjoys a good nap inside an empty carton box.
The heat is intense in the middle of the day and most of the commando can be found resting on the cooler floor, near a fan if possible. This tongue shot cracked me up.

She can do things on the computer that I am unable to do (or undo!). Maybe she is rewriting my book for me! That would be a help. She is less helpful on the computer than this photo portrays, I guarantee that. But she is like my little puppy dog and wants to be within petting distance at every given moment.

Her hunting skills have improved. Moka has learned it is easier to find kitties to play with her if she brings a live animal...the kids got bored with the rubber bands.

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