Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cat Commando: Sak Boox

She is often told she is a gritón. It means someone who "exclaims consistently and noisly", and it describes her perfectly. So far I have interpreted some of her cries as:

"Hey, everyone, Mom especially, I brought something cool home to play with!"

"Let me drink from the big garrafón while you fill my water dish. This water is a day old and I need new water NOW!"

"Give me some of that meat you are cooking or I will jump on the counter and get it myself."

"I need you to pet me now, right now, or I will pee on your clothes."

"I don't know what you mean with this 'NO' crap, but I want something to eat now or I will pee on your rug."

She is the cleanest cat with the fewest health issues. She is very independent and other than the nuzzling with Moka, which could consume hours a day, she is aloof compared to the others. She has a special gritón to let them know what she thinks about playing with them. It is a scary yelp telling everyone to stay well away. You'd think she was being attacked by a ferocious beast, and she is just saying, "Don't even think I want to play with you."

Helping Moka guard the unpredictable printer, and hoping for an invitation to drink mom's milk.

Sometimes she simply moves into the space Moka is occupying who gets boxed in and lets her have it. Here she is either imitating Moka sticking out her tongue or she is thirsty.

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