Monday, September 7, 2009

Celestún - Great Day at the Beach

Celestún has miles of beautiful beach, the best seafood, and the most relaxing atmosphere in the Yucatán. It was particularly calm and blue the last time we went, two weeks ago.

Our first stop is always Los Pampanos Restaurant on the beach. There are several cozy spots like this, and I imagine the seafood is equally fresh and delicious, but once we tried Los Pampanos we never strayed. They have the best white conch ceviche! The fish is always fresh. Sometimes we sit there for hours just enjoying the view. We have also been known to spend an entire day there playing a game of Risk or Dominoes.

Walking out to the water in front of the restaurant, this is the view to the left, looking south.

Lots more beautiful seashore looking to the right, or north.

Looking at our spot from the water's edge. The plastic tent added on to the palapa frequently accommodate a busload or two of Europeans for a quick lunch along their tours. European tourists are always a source of comic entertainment. Two weeks ago Sunday, there were no tour busses.

After lunch we found this road to the sea. The gray blob you see in the background where we turned onto the beach road is a makeshift home for a group of several squatter women. They invited us to come back and camp out there. Tempting.

Personal parking stall right up at the beach. This would be a great location for some Cadillac camping!

I am walking in the distance, shuffling my feet in the white sand and piles of seashells, occasionally avoiding tábanos (annoying flies that bite!) by walking in the water.

I remembered that if you cover yourself in sand, the tábanos will leave you alone. I look like one of the mud people from Papua New Guinea, but I am comfortable and not being harrassed by nasty green flies with bright orange menacing eyes!

There is no doubt that these are the good old days.

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