Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cat Commando: Mokito

I have to open with this photo series. Mokito is the master of cuteness. He was sleeping in this box last night. Usually they play with the grocery boxes a few days before we recycle them. If you put empty boxes outside your gate, they are mysteriously recycled. This box was standing upright after the housecleaning the other day, but he made it comfortable for him.

He is so photogenic I can't stop clicking sometimes.

He was in a dead sleep in this weird contortion.

Who'd have taken Mokito for an addict and a killer? He is addicted to adventure and THE OTHER SIDE. He comes home to eat, sleep, and to receive his required petting. He's the bravest killer of the litter! Although the slowest kitten to learn to climb or hunt, he has improved drastically. Last week he brought us a big rat. He left the rat in HIS play corner. We noticed he was meowing more than usual but didn't realize he needed to present us with a gift. I'll be more attentive because a two day old rat...oh never mind, it is just plain gross. Two days after that he brought us a very unlucky bird. This time he left the gift in OUR play corner, the foot of the pool entrance.

He looks too sweet to be the tough cat in the hood.

This is his mug shot.

Like Buster, he has a savage appetite. If we don't make him a plate of our food, he harrasses us until he gets his way. He jumps onto the kitchen table prepeatedly. None of the other cats are so rude, except Moka who feels she has to inspect even the kitchen table, but she is usually not begging.

He hypnotizes me with those bright blue eyes and his little bandit mask and I end up opening a can of tuna for him, a staple he has decided must be in his daily diet. He's a brat, but it is impossible not to love him.

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