Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mamey: Up Close and Personal

        I spent most of yesterday trying to upload the photos that follow.  Had I done my homework I would have realized that not only had I wanted to write about this tree, but in fact I already did.  Here:  The first MAMEY post.  That didn't stop me, not after spending the entire day working on this piece.  

This is the big picture.  This tree provides shade from the brutal summer sun, live entertainment for anyone sitting in the patio, a bridge to "the other side" for the cats, as well as (fingers crossed) edible fruit.  It's been a while since I have been in the swimming pool at all, let alone whiling away the hours thinking, writing and watching the life that abounds in the mamey tree.  The tree definitely brings back fond memories of a more productive time in the water. 

I was surprised to read, in my own blog mind you, that this is an evergreen tree.  Once I stopped to think about it, it not only sheds its leaves twice a year, but I don't remember a stage when it isn't full and green and leafy.  It also grows new flowers as soon as it is finished dropping the load it currently has.  The bees love them.  There always seem to be flowers growing mysteriously on its branches.

The flowers fall off by the thousands, it seems, covering the patio in a fragrant layer of yellow.

The tree makes a huge mess every day, all year long.  And we have yet to harvest one edible fruit.  Walking underneath is reminiscent of being under a coconut tree; you always have to be conscious of the noggin whacker that could drop at any moment.   

It is somewhat of a pain to maintain......but it is a great reminder of the amazing ecosystem that surrounds us. And it stirs up that longing for the good old days of summer.  I may be the only one looking forward to the intense heat, but hey, that's life in the tropics!


Merida Mikey said...

I've been watching that tree for going on two years now waiting for a ripe mamay or two to steal from you! Let's hope it happens this time. If not, I may become an advocate for its demise! It's dangerous walking under that damn thing! :-)

Tom and Debi said...

Very cool, I've never seen the flowers along the branch like that. And man o man what a mess, I'd sure be tempted to hack it down if it were over my patio. I chose the messy trees for the back of the garden away from the patio; but then we didn't have any in place when we moved in, well except the naraja agria. I love mamey, I'm one of the few people I know that actually likes it. In fact there is a mamey custard/flan in the fridge right now! Ummmm, sounds like b reakfast to me!

Linda Dorton said...

Mike, but the shade factor.....

Debi, Thanks, glad you liked the story. If the fruit ripens this year we'll let you know, and we can bring you some. They are still ON the tree...a good sign.