Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ball Park Treats

The Pizza Hut guy. Hot and freshly made on site.

This is the pizza. Looks kind of gross, doesn't it? It was pretty good actually.

Kibis and Piedras. Kibis are mashed fried garbanzo balls. Piedras are little balls of masa with hamburger or something inside.  Both are served with a little shredded cabbage and habanero salsa. 

This kid has what appear to be apples on his stick.  They didn't look like apples up close though, unless half of them are covered in chile.  How old is this kid, about 7?

Tortas. In my opinion the most common food eaten here, your basic ham and cheese sandwich on "francés" (white bread bolillo).

A cooler full of chicken wings. Not appetizing, will skip these.

Cotton Candy. A staple at any Yucatecan gathering.

Fresh fruit.  Jicama and mango. Very impressive.

The lady in front of me bought one. She had some syrup poured over it, and I see it has a spearmint garnish. Hah, unless that is a hot chile!

Elotes and Esquites.  Corn, on the cob or off the cob. Served with medium cream and limón. 

Nestle Ice Cream Treats. 

Of course, the CHICLET salesman.

The guy behind us caught a foul ball.
That should about cover food at the ball game! 


2ericc said...

I'm so delighted to have stumbled upon your blog! My wife and I visited Merida for the first time in late December into mid January 2010. We are smitten, and will be coming back in February of 2011. Your entries will keep us enthused. Many thanks for your written contributions to our anticipation.


Linda Dorton said...

Thanks for the comment. I checked out your blog and will link it to mine. It is fantastic and offers great info for others who are thinking like you! Welcome to the Yucatán, amigo.