Saturday, April 10, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Park!

Kukulcán Sports Center.

Last Friday, April 2nd, Pablo and I attended our first LEONES DEL YUCATÁN baseball game of the season. The season started last month, we just got around to going. The Leones beat the Veracruz Rojos del Águila,  9-8.

Pablo bought me a Leones Tshirt. Now I am ready for more games!

We learned Fridays are two for one nights.  Therefore we splurged 90 pesos for seats in the butaca baja (lower Mezzanine?) and found seats at the first base line with a great view of the batters and entire field.  It wasn't very crowded since it was Good Friday, residents mostly in church or at the beach.  

The seats are made of the hardest plastic ever made, and they sit low to the ground.  I practically had to look over my knees to see the game.  I didn't think to take a cushion, and my bony ass and confused back could only handle 7 innings.  We drank one large beer each per inning, and we don't even like beer that much. Especially Modelo, blaaaahhhh.  They sell Corona too, but again, blaaaaaahhh.  

The game was long and boring.  I hate to say this, because baseball is always kind of a slow game.  I love going out to the ball park!  It's just that they walked practically everyone, usually with a full count.  So at 6 pitches per batter, that's a lot of time and spitting. Since I was physically uncomfortable and forcing down those beers, it just seemed like the night moved in slow motion. 

Things did pick up eventually, Fernando Valenzuela Jr. hit one out of the park, bringing in at least one other guy with him.  I was yelling, "Vamonos, Fernando!  Uno para tu papá"...of course I was the ONLY person yelling (what's up with that?) and whammo! Home run!  It was just an unexciting game, but we do want to return to watch them play again soon.  I have their site bookmarked so maybe there will be a more exciting game to report on later.

At most US baseball games, THE most popular food item (not counting beer) would be some variation of HOT DOGS.  Plus the french fries, more fried things, and variations on junk food.  I was fascinated with the food sold at the local baseball park last time and managed to get some good shots of these venders last week.

This is the peanut guy. These guys have pillow case type carriers made out of a sheet, I think.  The pockets hold plenty of delicious HOT fresh roasted peanuts!

Pepitas (roasted shelled salted pumpkin seeds), peanuts in chili powder and salt, plain roasted peanuts with or without pepitas....with chile-salt and fresh lime added. Served with a utensil..fork or spoon...I am getting these next time.

Here we have the Modelo beer guy on the left, and a vendor of a variety of marshmellow candies.

These are my favorites, the white ones, but I can't remember what they are called.  Pablo says they call them chicharrones or fritura. They are like puffed up styrofoam in texture and crunchy, but they melt in your mouth. The white ones are made with potato or potato flour.  They serve them with hot chile poured over the top. 
I really did want to post photos of all the different foods they walk around selling. It is so different from our NOB customary baseball game.  So, tomorrow's post will show photos of more of the vendors from the baseball game.  

PS.  They sell beer during the entire game, they don't stop sales during the 7th inning. 

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