Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cute Cat Pics: A Post for Cat Lovers

I find I have to label the cat photo postings, because some people really like them and others skip them all together. Especially the DOG people!  I can understand.  It's just so hard to NOT take photos of the kitties, they are my family and we spend a lot of time together. We study each other.  I think Moka and Mokito are ahead of the race to understanding and WORKING other people!  Mokito is a professional scammer.  He has all the guys in the house trained, has them convinced we do not feed him ever, and he actually sits and howls outside their doors for them to let him into their rooms, or harrasses them in the kitchen until they give him some of what they are cooking. 

Mokito into the catnip the cats received from Aunt Cherie.
They all love it. Buster is pretending not to care, but he has already had his time rolling about in the new stash.
Buster sends a personal thanks. He doesn't allow too many photos taken.
Moka and Lorenza like to cuddle, mostly Lorenza. And she often likes to cuddle Moka right out of the spot she was comfortably sleeping in.

This character! Paint on his foot from walking on Pablo's painting. Stickers stuck to him everywhere. Dirty after rolling in dirt.  Sitting spread eagle. Thinking about where trouble may lurk so he can find it.

These two are often found snuggled up. Lorenza's a momma's girl. They SHOULD be comfortable on the new 440 count sheets Jay/Cherie brought in a care package!

I reinforced and restructured their cat scratch and climb juguete. It's ugly but sturdy and they like it. Weasel, who doesn't even live here, spends most nights curled up where you see Lorenza now.

Busmo says "here's five  four", he's hangin' in the shade with the gargoyle.
Sak Boox is in training as assistant supervisor.
And lastly, Mokito THE ANGELITO on his BED.

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