Friday, April 23, 2010

A Time To Swim

Buenos Días.  The day has finally come!  The weather has begun to warm up.  At 10pm last night it was 34°C (94°F).  Now that is a beautiful evening!  The low overnight was expected to reach 24°C (74°F).  Right now, at 7:50 am on April 23, 2010, I am going to get into the pool with Mike for morning exercise....first time in months.  The pool temp was 86°F yesterday afternoon.  Right now it is registering 83°C and the air temp is 26°C (77°F)....a little cool for me, but it is time to take the morning plunge. 

Sitting on a stool outside the pool drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes is not exactly morning exercise, but that was mine all winter, keeping Mike company as he froze his buns off in the pool. He is waiting for me now, so off I go into the refreshing wet.,

(Happy Birthday Lee Majors, you dirty old man)(My mind remembers odd things. What can I say.)

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