Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Iguana Friend

I have been getting more serious about concentrating on the book I am currently trying to write.  That means I take my notes and books out to the pool.  My iguana friend, the big guy, visits me every day.  He hangs out just above me on the wall.  I talk to him.  He looks at me.  He stays for a while and then moves on.  I have started cutting bananas and throwing them up on the pool roof for him. He has great white spikes and dark stripes.  His legs look so powerful, especially those big feet he has.  

Last Saturday the sky was blue, I was in the pool having the usual staredown with the iguana. Then he moved along and I kept on working.  I turned around and he had come down our wall and into the patio. He climbed a dead palm tree we use as a cat scratcher. I slowly made my way to the shallow end of the pool, just a few feet away from him. He may have been after some ripe HOT chiles on the bush below him. You can see him holding on to this tree stump.
Then the sky clouded up like, immediately, and I covered the pool and just got everything put away when the heavy downpour started.  The iguana ran behind the pool, through the patio, ate a fallen mamey on his way, and as the patio flooded he took his escape up the mamey tree.  I may write more on the subject if there are any interesting developments. 

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