Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Weather and Cat Time...the other news sucks.

I read the news today, oh boy.......things are looking rather bleak all over the world. All of a sudden there are serious disputes between several countries, the economical outlook was miserable, the list goes on. I had trouble finding any good news online.

Weekend headlines were "Temible Temporada de Cyclones", or Scary Hurrican Season approaching...and "El Turismo, En Picada", or Tourism down to 52%", a 20% drop in three years. I won't go into opinions and details. There are so many reasons tourism is down, and I know it is not just in Mérida!

About the hurricanes, I have been tuned in to Accuweather, keeping up with Joe Bastardi's latest words of wisdom, have my NOAA and NWS hurricane sites bookmarked. The first rainstorm was an eye opener, and I have a few house repairs to tend to before the waters heat up any more and the REAL rains begin. June is here, and though hurricanes usually don't develop in our area early in the season, anything is possible. I have seen enough disaster sites, and lived long enough in the tropics that I am prepared for days without conveniences. It is known I am a weather freak and always watching everyone's weather, not just ours.

Weatherwise, the past week was odd. The first Eastern Pacific storm formed, named Agatha.  It was stationary over the coasts of Southern Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras for days.  It never moved westward as is the norm for these storms.  It spewed torrential downpours and caused serious floods, and then barreled its way northeast.  FYI, we have driven the route that is flooded out, and it seems to be an annual thing....those mountains are ferocious and when it rains it pours.  This particular storm tho' was a tropical storm and it did not dissipate over the mountains as usually does such a storm. Instead it slammed everyone from the Pacific Coast to the Caribbean Coast.  As of yesterday this big blob of thunderstorms had a slight chance of reforming into the first Atlantic storm of the season, Alex, as it sat offshore from Belize and southern Quintana Roo, Mexico.  Today  the storm has seemed to dissipate some, but we are having strange cloudiness here in Mérida.

The weather maps show nothing of interest, some cloudiness, but something is up.  The cats were all acting strange all morning.  Mokito gets upset when it rains on his parade. He was whining today with the look of someone who just lost his job.  All the cats sat and conversed some before taking off to the other side for a morning adventure. 

Mike and I were in the pool between 8-9am.  Iggie, we have named the iguana from previous post, came out and inspected the situation.  He has never come out at 8am before.  He decided to take what little sun he could get sitting on the western wall of the patio. 

Mike told me his dog was barking like crazy this morning, and Mike couldn't figure out what was up with him.  The animals are saying something is up, the weather experts not even predicting any rain.  I am interested to see if noticing the change in local animal behavior had value or if my world has become too small, where I am studying the daily habits of feral animals who I THINK ARE MY FRIENDS....what I am getting at is I might just be crazy.

Here are some updating photos.  Nothing spectacular.  Just a WE ARE HERE AND ALIVE AND WELL kind of post.  I have been lax at blogging and emailing friends or family.  I lost so many email addresses when I got hacked I cannot even communicate with friends when I want to, so if by chance you read this and still think I have an email kona967...and love me and want to write to me...I am NOT lost and begging money in England....write to me here in Merida and update me on your email addresses and local news...  I am looking for WALTER ENGLE in particular. He is due some of my rants......good rants...and am afraid I may have to resort to SNAIL MAIL.  Heaven forbid.

Pablo chillin' at the beach in Chelem on Sunday.

Lin at Progreso after some delicious coco shrimp and a shot of tequila.

The coco shrimp plate. Delicious! Not sure what the sweet dipping sauce was, I am not a big dipper.
"You cover my eyes, I'll cover yours." Mokito and Busmo 

Haven't had many hibiscus flowers . Here is evidence that the plant is happier.

First gardenia(?) this season. Buddha and Busmo wanted to be in the photo.

The kitties are going to celebrate their birthdays next week, on June 9th.  They will turn two years old.  There are photos of the newborns, and here is Sak Boox curled up in the very basket(?) she was born.

I have been having a lot of trouble witht this post, as if the internet connection is coming and going. So that is it. No clever ending. Just some recent photos of us. And not all of us. I lost several photos I posted and I am frustrated.  Time to tend the farm. I will be back.

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