Monday, March 14, 2011

Carnaval Masks 2011

The photo above was taken at last year's Carnaval ('09).  Our friend Julie let us borrow these masks which I believe she brought back from Africa.  With Pablo's congo drum and these, we scored lots of prizes!  If you can draw some attention to the people on the floats with cool things in their hands, you're in! 

After last year's experience and learning the theme of Carnaval this year was Samba(or not), it seemed like a good idea to wear masks.  I walked down to 58th St in Centro, looking for some feathery masks.  I prefer to make things like this, so off to Miguel's Fantasia I went.  I swear we had almost as much fun making these as we did wearing (and eventually trading) them at the parades! Therefore, you are about to scroll through all the masks we made.  We gave three to our palco mates (the friends we shared the box seats with), four to our housekeeper's family, and then traded our own at the end of Monday's parade for tshirts and recycled bags! 

Since this is a TOO MANY PHOTOS blog, (and no, I will not go to a blogger's support group for this problem), I'll keep the words short.

One last note, I added the blue feathers to cover my wrinkles, it didn't work!


Anonymous said...

Love those polkadot feathers! ~e.

Linda Dorton said...

What bird do you think has the polka dotted feathers? Or do you think it's the human spray paint bird? I've never seen a bird with big (turkey size big) turquoise feathers either....but my mask had some flamingo feathers I'd found at Celestun! One pink feather in the middle of my forehead, the brown ones surrounding it.

Anonymous said...

I suspect they're guinea fowl; but they could be jungle cocks. Salmon fisherman use jungle cock feathers to simulate eyes on their flies. ~eric.

Here's a link to the guinea fowl: (scroll down to the grey birds)

jungle cock (very pricey)