Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan's Not Lookin' Too Good

I copied this map from http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ site. The yellow boxes represent the earthquakes from the past seven days, the blue ones within the past 24 hours, and the red ones within the hour.  This was copied at 7:00am today, March 15th.   If you are at all interested in the earth's movements, check out this site. You'd be surprised where some of the 'hot spots' are located.
10-degree map showing recent earthquakes


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I've been watching that site almost daily for about 6 months, and there is very little action anywhere near Merida. I also check out the volcano site after Wednesdays, when it gets updated, although the page looks dull until clicking on the links html links:http://www.volcano.si.edu/reports/usgs/


Linda Dorton said...

Knock on wood, but one of the reasons I prefer Mérida to the other places I have lived or thought about living...we are not near a fault line. I've been knocked on my ass in earthquakes, experienced a few strong 7.4's, and endured a night in El Centro CA with 77 quakes. My cat and I are done with being shook up. Hurricanes, another force of nature...with warnings and precautions you can take to save your life. Earthquakes?

One minute....a quiet Sunday Morning, next minute shit's a flyin everywhere and you are hopping vertically trying to get out of your house. The longest "seconds" anyone has ever experienced.

Thanks for the link.