Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cat Commando Update: Checkin In

Busmo chillin'. Front paws left, back paws right, good stretch for his giant body.
Moka relaxes in clean kitchen cupboard after completing her full inspection of the changes. She approved.

I just liked this shot of Moka sleeping on the red sheets. The look of luxury.

Buster sleeping in his favorite corner of my bed, it's hot and he's not the only cat who sleeps away the daytime.

Gemelo. He has moved in. He talks to me. He's behaving himself and I think he wants to be  a house cat but he needs his balls cut off.  He did have some squatter's rights since he lived here when I moved in. I understand I don't need a larger commando, but my heart tells me these cats need better lives. 

And then there's Weasel. He weaseled his way in here a long time ago, but not all our cats wanted him around. He has been sweet talking them and being a good cat and they let him curl up on one of the cat pillows.  He's a good boy but he needs his balls cut off.

Lorenza in front of a fan in the heat of the day. Getting maximum air flow.

We got catnip!  Thanks friends, for the gifts! We're lovin' it! (says Busmo, speaking for all)

Busmo continually seeking the coolest place in the house to wait out the hot afternoons.

A more tender shot of Lorenza.

A typical regal shot of Sak Boox.  She has grown into a sweet, intelligent beautiful cat. She is in charge of fresh water for the commando.  Even cats increase their water intake by leaps and bounds during this season.

One cat is not in the photos. I can't find a pic of him at this moment.  It's Cuate, Buster's friend. He's the long haired white cat with gray spots and fluffy gray tail. He did get his balls cut off when I moved in here, and he's still a little mad at me about that.  He hisses at me when I try to talk nice to him, but he's a good boy at the feeding dish. He waits for his friend Buster to finish and then eats his portion.

Teaching these cats some manners finally?  Maybe. But we have a long way to go. Gotta love the commando, tho! They fill my days with company and joy.

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