Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Projects: Create Plant Nursery

When I moved into this house I didn't have a clue about what to do with such a huge place.  What I liked about this property was it needed mostly superficial repairs to make it functional, and creativity could come later, after I could see how it all worked.  We changed out the electrical system, plumbing, repaired some walls and ceilings,,and I had to pick colors to paint my walls. I was quite overwhelmed with the paint selection. Our small house in Hawaii had ice blue walls, all of them, ice blue. It was a soothing blue but after a while I got fed up with it.  When I got here and they handed me the color palettes with so many bright colors I went wild.  I love my colorful walls but four years later I'm already thinking about some new color schemes.  I thrive on change. 

Before I get too far off track, let me tell you about the corner outside my bedroom.  Next to the cylindrical bathroom is a little corner that started to accummulate junk. I hate to look at junk piling up, especially just outside my bedroom door. There were different sizes of pasta tiles piled up and dirty, leaves jammed in there, and piles of wood pieces that Pablo intends to someday use to make frames for his paintings.  I moved all the stuff out of the way and cleaned the corner.  I liked the tiles, washed them, and I laid them out. They are not secured, but they add a cheeriness.  I decided to make my garden nursery in that corner. I've been noticing that some of my plants just can't handle the full tropical sun, and there are seeds I wanted to try to grow.  I needed a semi-sunny area to put them in. 

I built little shelves out the the wooden pieces and pasta tiles. I brought in a few healthy plants to inspire the new ones we'd be introducing.  Next to this corner, we had a million 'colchones', floor mats left over from swim school.  I piled them up and connected them in such a way that I created a new comfortable three person seat.  I see it doubling as a massage table, but would need a masseuse/eur.  We have already found ourselves drawn to sit in the new space, and it's within sight therefore in mind and I remember to water it with special care.

Naturally immediately after constructing the little nursery, Gemelo decided to claim it as his territory. I have an upside down toilet tank top as a seed starter.  He didn't remove much soil, but I don't know if the seeds appreciated his visit. Time will tell.

In another corner of the lot, there used to be a palm tree. It died.  Nothing wanted to grow in that corner, the soil must be bad. That is the corner that floods when the heavy rains come. There is also a 'pozo', well, that must be the drainage system for the apartment on the next lot.  Since we had replaced a toilet tank, lid and sink, I decided they would make great plant receptacles.  I decided to fill that area with some succulents, with a little pathos mixed in.  I filled the corner in with beach sand and seashells. 

Before I can do new creative projects, I have to take care of the normal gardening.  I spent several days on it since one can only tolerate so much heat at one sitting.  No matter how many glasses of liquid you  consume.  I am pleased that in this dry season, with Pablo and me watering regularly, and my tacky but creative new projects, I'm finding more little tranquil spots to have a relaxing sit, read a book or whatever.  Did I mention that when it's too hot in our bedroom, you can see the tv from outside the on the blue mats and hear the volume perfectly?  That had occurred to me during my creative spurt as well.  Garden, done for now.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Gemelo was a hen in a previous life, and is trying to hatch out some seedlings?

I love the re-purposed toilet-tank planter. And the cylindrical bathroom sounds intriguing.


Linda Dorton said...

Gemelo is funny. We are making progress at domesticating him. Maybe he was a hen. Or a model.

The cylindrical bathroom is the old water tank. The former owners turned it into a full bath. It's handy and I like the way it looks. Like things that aren't square.