Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Day At The Beach

Algas invaden playa en China

Or a day at the golf course?  I copied this photo from Yahoo News the other day.  From previous photos I've seen, it looks like the algae kept a lot of people away from the beach this year.  This photo was taken in China.  Kind of freaky, wouldn't you say? 

Luckily a day at the beach for us looks like this. Much more appetizing!


Eric Chaffee said...

Yikes! I thought that beach was a golf course, it's so green. This is what community looks like without environmental protection laws — so much "fertilizer" waste in the water it's growing green.


Linda Dorton said...

Eric, I saw photos of China's beaches last year, the beach covered in red and white umbrellas, people with just about enough space per person to sit in a chair. This photo threw me off, I recognized the Chinese beach syndrome, but the water???? Yikes! I say Viva environmental protection!!!!!