Monday, August 1, 2011

Just An Update

A week or so ago, I started to write about the HEAT DOME that covered a good portion of the US.  I had great NOAA NWS tips on how to deal with the heat. I feel it's worth publishing them here now and again to remind people to drink enough liquids and how to act in this extreme heat. However, the heat dome passed, that's old news, and I never finished the story.
I have a job, besides the housemother job; it's an online job.  I cannot tell you much about it or - you know, I'll have to, you know, kill you. Let's just say that it is a good job for a grammar freak and a writer. Once again, I'm not the black sheep in my family for a while because I am gainfully employed.  It offers me the opportunity to work as much as I can handle, and right now I can handle a lot.

Things at the house are quiet, this week. July was rather crazy. My first visitor was my friend Coco Harris, and she deserves an entire blog devoted just to her.  I'll get to it this week, but let it suffice to say for the moment that she is one of the most beautiful people you'll ever meet.  She is a patent attorney, a scholar, an author, an editor, and a journal master.  I'll give her the respect she is due with photos and background.  You should know about her, even if you aren't lucky enough to meet her on one of her Yucatecan escapes or at a writers' conference somewhere.   Coco is publishing one of my stories in her forthcoming book, SURVIVE.  What's more she chose my Celestún painting to be the cover.  It looks like my 15 minutes of fame are just around the corner.

July came in softly and went out roaring.  The guy from Guadalajara who spent several months here this year trying to introduce new brands of cigarettes into the market here came back in July to take his toys and go home (product).  Seems Yucatecans don't like new things, especially when the things are not substantially cheaper than the products already on the market. If they want a cheap shitty cigarette they'll buy the pirated ones.

And we had one other visitor, a friend of my front room renter. She came to celebrate her birthday and you could say she added a very festive atmosphere to the house.  All's well that ends well, I guess.

Meanwhile, during the onslaught of unusual activity for this house, I was learning the new job. I'm computer literate but not a computer genius. Some of the work I have to do boggles my mind. Not the job itself as much as the number of screens and tabs and items to keep organized. Since I came in to help, I'm learning a new function every other day. It had me a little confused- no, who am I trying to kid, it had me overwhelmed but I'm settling into it nicely.

Meanwhile, what good is an update without photos, I say!  We had three blooming periods of pitaya this year. The last bloom was the biggest.  Photo attached, taken at night during the bloom.  Also must show a pic of my helpers, they stick with me all the while I am working.  I'll try to get back here to write more often, there are new and interesting things going on.  There are always new and interesting things going on here, it's part of the natural beauty of Mexico.

 A petunia in the plumeria tree.

Little Weasel enjoying the cool evening poolside.

My two helpers, Moka and Sak Boox. Sometimes Lorenza takes Sak's place, but they never leave me alone while I am working on the computer.

A few pitaya flower shots as they grew. I took these over a span of days.

And of course they are out of order. Have a good day all!


Anonymous said...

Glad life is whirling along well at your house. No dull moments allowed. Anne

Anonymous said...

Also glad to hear you are doing well and keeping busy.

Bob S

Eric Chaffee said...

Good to see your latest — and looking forward to seeing your painting, and the post about Coco. Surely you will review her book for Amazon, I hope.


Linda Dorton said...

Anne, Never a dull moment!

Bob, Promise to write to you asap.

Eric, I have been working ot and will try to get the Coco post out this week. You're right, I should review the book for Amazon.