Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fan Coozies

The summer heat is kicking in here in Mérida, with temps reaching mid 30'sC°, or around 95°F.  We haven't yet reached 40°C, so the hot season is just beginning. The temps are more like March temps, and March felt more like winter than any of the winter months.  We've had bizarre rainstorms, very few of them, but crazy nonetheless. One day we had a mini-hurricane, tornados for sure out of the blue. The wind started blowing crazy from all directions and the lightning and thunder were zero seconds away.  The wind blew the double iron gates of my front carport wide open.  I tried to push them closed in the downpour and was pushed back by the winds. Finally I got them closed, after the filthy flooded street water rushed in.  As you might imagine, this became another facet of the bed, bath and beyond project.   Had to have one lock replaced and another installed.  I found out the winds hit 93kms an hour during that storm.  It damaged several areas of the city, but tornado style, lots of damage in small areas.

This blog is not about the heat however. It's about beating the heat. In this case I mean floor fans and protectors.  Inspired by Lindasita's covering her fans with netting to help keep them dust free, I finally spent several hours to clean each of my floor fans with tweezers, a toothbrush, and a small paintbrush.  My fans don't open. Maybe they are supposed to but they don't anymore.  After collecting half a trash bucket of dust and cat hair, I gave up and gave the fans a little shower.  I was desperate. I let them dry and evidently did no damage to the motors.  Whew!

That same day I took the netting Lynn brought for me and decided to cover ALL the fans while they were ALL clean at one time.  I've seen the results of this practical and simple solution, and decided to just sit down and do it.  Here are some photos.  This project was a success! It may seem a little Aunt Sally's 'toaster coozie' but it was a very useful and worthwhile effort.

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