Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project Two: Paint Bedroom Completed

The tale of the bedroom project is just about finished.  In a previous post, Project Two: Paint the Bedroom I believe I told you about the history of the unattractive room.  I also provided photos of the before and after the paint job at Project Painting the Room PHOTOS.  It took me a few weeks to think about what to put on the walls and where.  I confiscated my collection of items from Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji from the front room after discussing with Lindasita how I missed my memorabilia from the South Pacific. I tried to hang some of these things myself, but whacked my thumb and decided I wasn't able to penetrate the concrete wall after all.  I can with a little nail, but the heavier ones, watch out!

 Above the back window hang two of Pablo's paintings. No need to remind me Chac Mool is crooked, and one of these days I'll straighten him out.

 The room looks a bit crowded but I do have clothes hanging on the door and my blanket in the hammock. The idea was to make the room feel bigger, Have room to sleep in our hammocks without the bed in the way, and have space to hang out.

 Need to hang one more painting above that closet. No the colors don't all match - but the hammock chairs do! The joys of living in the tropics where color is king!

It's too hot to sleep in the bed this time of year, so I tucked it out of the way.  I haven't finished deciding what else to hang on the wall in this corner, but I like it bare for now since the other wall is so busy.

 The storage space above the bathroom allows for more memorabilia.  I didn't have the ladder handy to get that black plastic bag out of the way. Use your imagination. It looks better than that plastic stuff, that's for sure.

The bedroom project is now officially finished.  There are still some decorative touches needed,  but the bed, bath and beyond project -as it grew to such proportions - was well worth it. I have peace of mind that my roof would withstand high winds, my screens, when used properly, will help keep the mosquitos out, and I enjoy the soothing brown in the bedroom.  Only one problem, it makes me want to eat chocolate.

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